Who we are

“Engajamundo is a youth network that believes that if we change ourselves, our surroundings and engage politically, we can transform our realities.”


Engajamundo is a youth-led organization created by young people who believe in their responsibility as key part of the solution in order to face the greatest social and environmental challenges of Brazil and the world!


Our mission is to make young Brazilians aware that by changing themselves, their environment/community and by engaging politically, they can transform their reality!


Through capacity buildings, mobilization and advocacy we dedicate ourselves to empower Brazilian youth to help them understand, participate and influence on local, national and international political processes. Our vision is to make Brazilian youth aware about their socio-environmental impact, and engaged in local, national and international decision-making processes, thus enabling better policy decisions.

We demand more access and representation of youth in these processes, so that young people are increasingly able to articulate their demands in all political areas. We are a nonprofit organization and do not get caught up in any political party, government or company.


Engajamundo was created in 2012 after the participation of a group of friends in the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development – or Rio+20 -, where they realized that a lot was missing in knowledge and experience to really influence this kind of process. With the intention of increasing youth Brazilians participation and incidence in
international conferences, Engaja was idealized to be a fluid and horizontal organization, where the youth themselves propose the activities to be carried out.

Over time, our lines of action increased, since we realized we also wanted to transform our cities and communities, besides participating on international spaces. After reframing our mission and vision, Engajamundo has become a national and international network of action with young people from all over Brazil, engaged to cause effective changes in young people realities and their own lives.

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What we do

We strengthen Brazilian youth in tools of participation, incidence, and self-knowledge so
they can see themselves as agents of transformation and part of the solution to the
socioenvironmental problems of Brazil and the world!

Our pillars

Our network knows that the special spice of Engaja is not only in our mission but also in our boldness and way of welcoming and celebrating differences! That is why we know that acting is as important as acting itself. Everything that Engajamundo does is based on values: openness, sexify, fairness, transparency, companionship and diversity.


Through our capacity buildings with own methodologies, we make young people aware of the challenges faced around the world and the connection between local reality and the global debates. In the trainings we also present some practical action tools to solve a point problem identified by the group!


We mobilize young people to guide and engage in issues relevant to them and their reality. Engajamundo is all over of Brazil, with volunteers who perform countless activities and make change happen!


We encourage the participation of young people in decision-making spaces national and international discussions, taking our demands as youth to these spaces. We work to ensure that youth participation in political processes is qualified and inclusive, and that their action has a real impact on decisions taken.


Activism is the way that Engajamundo exposes your demands to the world. We defend political positions co-created by the volunteers in all the themes we work on, using lobbying, activism, or communication strategies. Engaja’s advocacy is always done in a fun and humorous way.