Working Groups

Thematic groups where volunteers meet online to discuss, plan actions and campaigns on the theme of the working group.


Foto: André Menezes


If you are interested in life, how it works and what we have to do to
conserve it, this is your place!


If you are interested in climate change, this is your place. It may look like a “big” and challenging issue, but we are part of the solution to these problems!

Sustainable Cities and Communities

The cities are ours. Here you will better understand how to really be a part of it and build what you think is the best to where you live.


Why are we still arguing about the need to discuss gender issues? Whether or not you know the answer to that question, this Working Group is your place.

Local hubs

Local hubs are Brazilian cities where volunteers work together to do local actions and make change!

Our local hubs

Although Engajamundo’s administrative center is located in São Paulo, most of Engajamundo’s active volunteers are in Northeast and Northern Brazil. This number varies over time, but today we have 20 local hubs.

Campaigns and projects

Campaigns are a group of actions and activities that addresses a specific theme, related to a transversal or specific agenda Engajamundo works, which are discussed on the Working Groups.